Why Hire a Postnatal Doula?

I believe that in today’s society mums are rarely given the encouragement or the time they need to recover from the birth of their new baby.  Many women feel the pressure to get ‘back on their feet’ as quickly as possible and then feel distressed that they cannot do everything as easily as before; when exhausted, the simplest of tasks can be overwhelming.  Every mother should have the chance to heal and rest in those first few weeks.  As your doula I will be that non-intrusive, friendly face that can help you do just that.  For 3-4 hours a day, I will assist you & your family in whatever way you feel is most constructive, to allow you time to recover fully and bond with your new baby.  During this time I will provide reassurance, practical and emotional support to you & your family.  Some of the things I can do to help are:

  • ensure there is clean laundry
  • pick up groceries
  • walk the dog
  • accompany you to doctor’s/hospital appointments
  • support you with feeding & bathing the baby
  • prepare lunch/snacks/evening meals
  • cuddle the baby whilst you take a shower or bath
  • entertain siblings
  • talk through any concerns or fears you may have

Research has shown that the support of a postnatal doula can:

  • reduce the chance of suffering from postnatal depression
  • increase breastfeeding success
  • boost parent/baby bonding